Carpenters construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials. Depending on the type of work and the employer all aspects of building a house—framing walls and partitions, putting in doors and windows, building stairs, installing cabinets and moulding, and many other tasks. They require a lot of skills because they must be able to perform any different tasks that these jobs may require. Since they are so well-trained, these carpenters often can switch from residential building to commercial construction or remodelling work, depending on which offers the best work opportunities.

Carpenters employed outside the construction industry perform a variety of installation and maintenance work. They may replace panes of glass, ceiling tiles, and doors, as well as repair desks, cabinets, and other furniture. Depending on the employer, carpenters install partitions, doors, and windows; change locks; and repair broken furniture. In manufacturing firms, carpenters may assist in moving or installing machinery